Water area surveying

Collecting and analyzing Geospatial Information

PASCO's surveying technologies extend to underwater surveying.
Topographical data for the beds of lakes and seas, which cannot be visually observed, is obtained using a shipborne narrow multibeam sonar system. In addition to providing support for the topography survey of dams and lakes, survey of the quantity of sedimentation for dams, coastal topography surveys, coastal erosion surveys, and survey of the quantity of estuary sedimentation, we also provide support for water surveys such as water quality surveys and wave observations.

Bathymetry (SEABAT)

Bathymetry (SEABAT)

This involves the detailed shipborne measurement of shapes underwater (beds of seas and lakes, various facilities).
We propose the active utilization of narrow multibeam sonar exploration system technologies as support for water administration.

Seabed Exploration (SIDE SCAN)

Seabed Exploration (SIDE SCAN)

PASCO provides clear acoustic digital images of the seabed through the latest digital side scan sonar (Sound, Navigation and Ranging) technique. We propose application and utilization of this seabed exploration technology in the form of studies of sedimentation distribution and effluent, among others.

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