Survey & Consulting

PASCO handles data from the dominant commercial Earth Observation satellites launched throughout the world.
From optical to synthetic aperture radar satellites, this section introduces our satellite lineup.

Scope of Service

1.Position survey by using GPS (Global Positioning System)

   1.1 Static Survey Static survey is an operation that used signal receivers 2 units or more as one unit is placed at the designated spot and the other one shall be placed at the additionally searching spots and signal receivers must be placed not less than forty five minutes. This method is used to search for relationship between the two spots which are approximately 20-30 kilometers in distance.


   1.2 Real Time Kinematic Survey: RTK Real time kinematic survey is the survey that obtained position coordinate immediately or real time in fieldwork by taking information from the two spots for collaborative processing by using radio waves in transmission-receiving information from the referent spot where its position has been recognized to the searching spot of signal receiving unit for processing and coordinate value shall be display immediately but the limited distance between the two working spots must not exceed 15 kilometers, besides, working efficiency shall rely on power of radio frequency used in such terrain. GPS survey is currently applied widely to other related surveys such as LIDAR survey and MMS survey.

2.Providing service in Digitizing information obtained from aerial photograph or satellite images


    which is an interpretation of aerial map by considering what appears on such images by using experiences and specialization of interpreter, the interpretation of aerial photograph shall be divided into type of land use, houses, roads, urban zone and forest zone.

3. Field survey service, to collect descriptive information of objects which have been interpreted the meanings from aerial photograph


   in order to render such interpreted information completely and perfectly according to the purpose of users. The collected information shall be related to type of map such as building utilization map; the collected information consists of house number, name of building, Tambon or sub-district, village, house owner name and number of residents etc.

4. Information preparation service by using GIS


   Is the function that taking the collected information which is obtained from photograph interpretation steps (either 2–dimension digitize or 3D Photogrammetry Stereo Plotting) to be combined with additional information obtained from field survey in order to render the complete information system which having spatial relationship such as the house address must have spatial relationship with house position appeared on the map etc

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