Plot Section is responsible for producing line mapping both in term of 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions from aerial photograph and satellite imagery which the obtained data is high solution and high quality of image. Most of its implementation comes from Japan and there is some part of it coming from Thailand and other counties and the main computer programs used in this work are Summit Evolution and AutoCAD Map 3D programs.

Scope of Services

3D Plot Map Editor MMS (Mobile Mapping Service)

1. 3D Plot


Summit Evolution is an operational system on computer used to produce line mapping from the obtained aerial photograph and satellite imagery conveniently, it can create 3-dimensioned image rapidly with high quality, moreover, it can arrange reproduction in various forms which is convenient to operate, besides the data can be linked to MATCH-T program of INPHO DTM easily and rapidly as it is able to support data in various forms such as PATB, Albany, Aerosys and BINGO and there is current development to be compatible with other programs too. Apart from good software, the operation requires other equipment such as 3D monitor, 3D signal-transmitted box, 3D glasses and 3D mouse which can render perfect function of this program, during functioning, the program can use pictorial information in various forms such as TIF, JPG and we can transform them to SMTI form in Summit Evolution program which is very convenient and very rapid for working.

2. Map Editor

AutoCAD Map 3D is the program that being accessible to Geographic Information System (GIS) and making line mapping perfectly in order to support planning, design and information management efficiently due to various functions of this program as well as equipment and instruction set which can cover its operation comprehensively and it can be developed to enhance functional capacity too. During operation, Line Mapping Section shall use Summit Evolution program concurrently with AutoCAD Map 3D program in order to access data in 3D form according to the actual height of terrain such as roads, railways, buildings, houses, rivers, streams, canal, fences, slopes, plants zone, other zones, symbols of things (signs, forest, types of trees) and contour lines as the two programs shall display results of input information concurrently. The actual operation requires actual walkthrough survey map and input information by scanning as reference in AutoCAD Map 3D program which can render correct and rapid working. Information of line mapping can be stored in various forms such as *.dwg, *.dxf, *.dws *.dwt or transformed to be compatible with other programs such as *.sdf, *.e00, *.shp, *.gml, *.xlm, *.gz, *.mif, *.tab, *.dgn, *.sqlite, *.html etc.

3. MMS (Mobile Mapping System)

MMS (Mobile Mapping System) is the laser equipment installed on automobile that used to survey and collect 3D co-ordinate information around the routes and road continuously by using 3D laser and digital camera. Mobile Mapping System shall cover technology application, measuring equipment which can be movable by manpower and it can be installed on vehicle driving on land or ship sailing on water up to aircraft, high solution and precision of navigation system is basically installed on these vehicles to indicate location of vehicle and place as well information recording time at any time which is called vehicle way, relations between vehicle and distance of sensors installed together on vehicle. This relation shall indicate location and placing of sensors that created relations that linked to co-ordinate value of object in 3 dimensions of physical material to be measured, physical phenomenon that requires measurement and it also estimates type and characteristic of such object, therefore, Mobile Mapping System requires application of technology and comprehension of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Inertial Navigation System (INS), computer vision and close-range photogrammetry, frame and spherical video CCD imaging system and laser scanner / Lidar

Mobile Mapping System that installed on the foregoing platforms can record information in the area that required rapid information processing by mobility, information recording can be operated in vehicle driven in high speed such as Mobile Mapping System that obtained from vehicle driven almost one hundred kilometers per hour, Mobile Mapping System on aircraft with hundreds of kilometers speed per hour etc. The obtained Mobile Mapping System is remote sensing which cannot touch the recorded information physically as it is stored systematically and it is the record of large quantity of information once in the area, these benefits can be clearly seen in the area with limited working area such as high traffic area and it is unstoppable, disastrous areas that required assessment and rapid restoration, developing areas with conflict of interest, private areas with great potential to be developed as public areas etc. Mobile Mapping System is an opportunity for user for each application of information extraction from video image in various aspects, image display and information extraction from panoramic video and group of laser spots, output information from these systems renders high quality of mapping and geographic information, regular replay without going to the actual area, information has high solution and correction equally to the map with large scales, the obtained information can transform in various kinds of information such as Video GIS that can produce rapidly, making map with large scales, 3D Immersive Geographic Information System which can measure directly from the image, 3D model of the city, 3D sketch from oblique photograph etc.

Road management by using MMS
1. List of roads, topographic map, preparedness of basic map, survey road condition by using MMS (construction, objects that related to roads, ownership), MMS is used to conduct survey and it can be applied to use in public survey, roadway diagram with no actual automobiles.
2. Control objects that related to roads and list of road construction, MMS is used to consider objects which are components of road and road surface (signs, electric post, pipe, Guardrail, sound barrier). Isometric spots generate information of correct location which shall be very beneficial for creating management and control system of integrated roads infrastructure.
3. Promoting construction design by using input information that obtained from the applied MMS, application of isometric spots obtained from MMS to prepare graph and cross-sectional diagram in any spot, using information obtained from laser survey with high precision, using isometric spots obtained from laser by overlapping each other from the lower part of object structure.
4. Solution and prevention from disasters, in case of there is damage from road disaster such as slope collapse which can inspect damage by comparing information prior and after such disaster. Programs that used for MMs function of Pasco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are PADMS-Viewer and StereoMatching; these programs are brought from Pasco (Japan) Co., Ltd.

PADMS-Viewer is the program that used input information obtained from survey by vehicle that installed MMS system not so high level, mostly used to form image of roads, crossroads, signs and electric post etc.

StereoMaching is the program that used input information obtained from survey by vehicle that installed MMS system likewise but the difference is, the installation is in high level which can cover 360 degrees and it is used to form slope image and being used in high terrain areas.

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