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AT&ORTHOPHOTO section is responsible for Photogrammetry mostly preparing Aerial Orthophoto mapping which currently is a very necessary technology as technological growth renders expansion of urban zone and developments in various fields as well as changing of natural resources or even disasters in various forms including many other reasons which are necessary to have equipment with high resolution to see present condition clearly in order to be used in studying,planning and analysis for development of prevention from disasters further. Due to the foregoing reasons,we are well prepared to provide Aerial Othophoto mapping service with advanced technology, rapidly and efficiently.

Activities that being ready to provide service are:

Scope of Services

Aerial Triangulation (AT) DSM , DTM and Contour Generation Digital Orthophoto and mapping

Aerial Triangulation (AT)

Triangulation service is making the triangulation network from the high resolution aerial photograph, both of Aerial Frame (RC) and CCD Frame types, such as, UCD, UCX, UCXP and DMC. The geography co-ordinates are high quality and high accuracy by operating the horizontal and vertical controlling, co-ordinates measuring, editing and processing with the digital technologies of MATH-AT from Inpho Application. Not only those, the connecting point of 2 photos are automatically matched, and block editing by Pasco’s specialist technicians. Besides, to make higher accuracy of the geography co-ordinates, there is the “BINGO” software that it helps to calculate those co-ordinates. How does it work?

Normally, we use 360 degree to calculate the co-ordinates, but, using the BINGO software is able to use up to 400 degree to help the calculating. Otherwise, when taking the aerial photo; the data that we got are not only X, Y, Z levels, Omega, Phi, Kappa but also inclination angle between picture and ground lands. We multiply those levels with 1.11111 before calculating with the BINGO software. Moreover, to get the standard or higher of the accuracy, we have edited the Tie point, GCP and the brandish anger of flying block.

That why, our aerial triangulation networks or AT block of PASCO have higher accuracy and be accepted to customer around the world.

DSM , DTM and Contour Generation

provide the 3D topography models both of DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model) types by using the high effective surrounding model technology of MATCH-T from INPHO Application. The automatically calculation of DSM and DTM is high accuracyin numerical and entirety. Moreover, there is the DT-Master from INPHO Application that PASCO technicians use to correct the height point of DTM make the digital 3D model’s accuracy more correctly.

Together with, the Vector layers of numerical topography height point of building on the ground earth have checked by smart or real time of TIN and CONTOUR, which correctly the DTM data faster and higher quality. For making the Contour Generation is automatically making the model of topography height line by using the correct of DTM data. Then, final verify the quality control in the 3D system.

Digital Orthophoto and mapping

Digital Orthophoto and mapping, PASCO is using the OrthoMaster technology from INPHO Application to make the Ortho Rectification. With the efficiency of OrthoMaster, the middle of the photo where is the best part of the picture get higher quality and accuracy. That is the fundamental method tomake the single or bigger block of aerial photograph in the future. By using the highest technology

of OrthoVista, we could able to mosaic the bigger Orthophoto faster. The OrthoVista is also calculating the Seam-liness which can automatically escape from the building. Furthermore, the connections between pictures are smoothly connected and the differentiation of light, color and contrast of the mosaic

picture are naturally connected. There is also the OrthoVista Seam that we use to edit the Seam-lines which is helping us to make the orthophoto faster and smoother based on high quality and correct accuracy. The products are being accepted to customer around the world.

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