Infrared inspection

Asphalt road beneath damage inspection by infrared ray

Thermography Camera can inspect road beneath damage by using infrared ray for example corrosive of RC(inside structure, surface etc.) use data from surface layer crack such as flooding, flooding inside U shape frame through iron base.

High speed infrared ray from Thermograpy Camera can collect accuracy data even in low temperature(up to lowest temperature at 0.0018 ◦C) Can collect photo data even moving with high speed (up to 100 km./ h)

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Operation in brief


Signal from installed distance measurement works when car approach as set distance. Camera will take infrared photo including normal photo and indicate coordinate in the same time.

Sample photo of road damage

Infrared inspection can indicate damage point or unusual objects by infrared ray as photo. Moreover, it can inspect invisible condition inside the road.

Thermography camera can detect damage inside road layer for example surface layer crack, flooding, flooding in U shape frame and road surface corrosion.

Data collection

Analysis result can be saved as required file format (for example damage point map or damage point chart). As data from infrared measurement saved in number data(digital), it can switch to viewer display

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