Collecting and analyzing Geospatial Information

Total Station (TS) Surveying

Total Station (TS), is a primary equipment that is commonly used in public surveying. It plays a role in all types of onsite surveying operations, from precision surveying, to reference point surveying, route surveying, plane table surveying, topographical surveying, and land surveying.

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Control Point Measurement Using TS


TS refers to an optical instrument utilized in the present days that simultaneously measures angle and distance, which are the basic elements of a survey. The actual position of a surveyed new point is obtained based on the angle and distance obtained through TS observation.
The establishment of central piles, etc. in all control points, site boundaries, and road surveying, including road control points, the periodic measurement of the cross-section inside tunnels, surveys on the degree of variation in runways and the enclosing bunds of dams, and measurement of the shape of ground features using TS are carried out. In addition, in GPS observation that is dependent on the satellite signals, measurement using TS is carried out even when sky visibility cannot be guaranteed. In recent years, with the emergence of non-prism functions and automatic tracking functions, TS surveying work has become more efficient, and efforts are being made to reduce the number of staff needed to implement surveying work.

  • Grade third/fourth (levels of precision) control point surveying
  • Establishment of a central pile and a land width pile in road surveying
  • Operations to establish road control points
  • Periodical inspection of runways
  • Precision surveying of the enclosing bunds of dams
  • Measurement of internal cross-section of railway premises
  • Operations to acquire GCP
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