Collecting and analyzing Geospatial Information

Road Condition Surveying System (Real)

The Road excellent automatic logging system (Real) is a surveying system unique to PASCO. It conducts surveys on the front-view images of the road, road surface damage conditions (cracks, ruts, IRI, flatness), and coordinates (road surface coordinates, position coordinates).

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Merits and Characteristics of the Road Condition Surveying System (Real)

Merits and Characteristics of the Road Condition Surveying System (Real)

Introducing the Real can enable greater efficiency in digital information collection, and facilitate the acquisition of various forms of highly precise, quality digital information pertaining to roads in a short period of time.
Adopting the Real promotes the advancement and enhanced efficiency of road maintenance and management, and allows users to obtain information on various road conditions without leaving their desks and visiting the sites. This information ranges from the pavement damage, location of road facilities, and shapes, to the conditions on the roads and environment along the roads. The system combines geographical information and road images to help customers build up a new road management service system.

■Wide Image Capturing

  • Enable to clearly capture textual information on signage and condition of cracks on road surfaces.
  • Enable to observe conditions along a road over a wide area, along multi-lane roads and up to the height of a four-story building.

■Stereo Image Capturing

  • As several cameras are built into the device, it is possible to carry out stereoscopic continuous capturing of front and side images.
  • The system is able to monitor arbitrary structures and facilities, and present the information in the form of a 3D model.
  • The system is able to measure position, length, height, surface area, and angle of arbitrary facilities and signage.

■High-Precision Road Surface Texture Surveying

  • Through the system, it is possible to gain stereoscopic information on road surface texture conditions through images and 3D data.
  • It is possible to survey road surface conditions regardless of the time of day, through the use of the latest sensor technology.
  • It is possible to set the imaging pitch at 1 mm intervals, and understand the rutting and flatness conditions along arbitrary intervals and cross-sections.

Applications of the Road Condition Surveying System (Real)

■Public Sector

  • It is possible to carry out efficient monitoring of a wide variety of information, such as position coordinates, road surface texture, road facilities, and road images. PASCO assists customers in the collection of basic data aimed at the establishment of a road asset management system.
  • Coordination with management systems that utilize image GIS is possible.

■Private Sector

  • By taking advantage of the most advanced sensing technologies, PASCO provides results in the form of highly precise location information, highly precise and high resolution 3D coordinate information for road surfaces and road facilities, and high quality shooting of wide road images, among others.
  • Automobile manufacturers make use of 3D coordinate information for roads in driving simulation programs.
  • Car navigation system manufacturers utilize this system to create contents that make use of advanced location information.

■Research Institutions

  • It is possible to provide a variety of road infrastructure data to various research institutions through utilization of the most advanced sensing technologies. This data is used in simulations that accurately recreate the actual conditions onsite, among other applications.
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