Collecting and analyzing Geospatial Information

Precision Surveying (Laser Tracker)

PASCO's precision surveying technology is utilized in all areas that require precision surveying. These include research institutions that need a high level of precision and accuracy in their work (J-PARC, KEK, RIKEN, and research laboratories in universities, etc.), medical institutions (cancer treatment equipment facilities, etc.), high-precision plant construction, high-precision equipment inspection institutions, aerospace development agencies, etc.

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Customers' Plans

Customers' Plans

  • to arrange precision instruments with a high degree of accuracy.
  • to get a good grasp of the current situation with a high degree of accuracy.
  • to measure minute variations.
  • to establish high-precision reference points.
  • to simulate measuring precision.
  • to receive advice on measuring methods.
Review of Measuring Methods

Review of Measuring Methods

Rather than being "Number One," PASCO aims to be the "Only One" in providing detailed and attentive support. As such, we fully utilize the advanced technologies and outstanding track record that we possess, and from among the various measuring and precision surveying methods, draw up proposals for surveying plans that can meet the needs of our customers.

■Track Record in Accelerator-Related Projects

  1. Precision alignment of KEK B-factory at TRISTAN, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture
  2. Plans to survey reference points for equipment installation at Spring-8
  3. Setting reference points for equipment installation at NewSUBARU
  4. Installation of HIMAC at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences
  5. Installation of accelerators for medical use at the National Cancer Center
  6. Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center
  7. Thailand Siam Photon Project( National Synchrotron Research Center)
  8. Proton Medical Research Center, University of Tsukuba
  9. Shizuoka Cancer Center
  10. Institute for Molecular Science, UVSOR
  11. The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
  12. Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center
  13. RIKEN
  14. M.D.Anderson Cancer Center
  15. Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC)
  16. Proton therapy device at the Southern TOHOKU Research Institute for Neuroscience

■Track Record in Research Institute-Related Projects

  1. The Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture's Nobeyama Radio Observatory
  2. Installation of group of heliograph antennas
  3. Large-scale wind tunnel experimentation facility under the National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (NAL)
  4. Setting reference points for Yamanashi linear motorcar guide-way
  5. Testing Yamanashi linear motorcar superconducting coil panel
  6. Development of rendezvous docking system
Review of Precision (Example of Simulation)

Review of Precision (Example of Simulation)

Survey precision is decided based on the survey equipment and methods of measurement (surveying network and number of observations) used in each measurement.
If the precision is made known beforehand, it would be possible to conduct measurements without wasting measurement costs, and without the implementation of excessive observations.
At PASCO, with regard to the coordinate precision (ms) that is required at the final stage, we focus on the relationship of ms = mo x (root of Q) between the form of the surveying network and the coefficient (root of Q) decided by the observation volume, and formulate an efficient measurement plan (minimizing root of Q) in order to achieve the established precision for the final reference point.

Selection of Measurement Equipment and Tools

Selection of Measurement Equipment and Tools


PASCO owns a wide range of measurement equipment aimed at achieving stringent demands for precision.

  1. Laser tracker
  2. High-precision total station
  3. Non-contact 3D measurement equipment
  4. High-precision theodolite
  5. Medium-range high-precision distance measuring instrument
  6. High-precision zenith meter
Onsite Precision Measurement

Onsite Precision Measurement

With regard to onsite measurement, we carry out work based on stringent process management with safety as our top priority.
We are also prepared to adapt flexibly to a certain degree of change and to our customers' demands. Customers can set their hearts at ease and leave their work to us.

Data Analysis (Example of Computation of Reference Point Coordinates (Computation of Strict Network Average))

Data Analysis (Example of Computation of Reference Point Coordinates (Computation of Strict Network Average))


We compute network average using the strict network average computation program "PAG-U" developed by PASCO.
In precision measurement, the free network solution with the following three characteristics is considered the most effective.
Fixed points are not set.
The shape of the measurement network is adjusted and decided on without any mathematical or geometric contradictions, based on the measured values.
The position at which the sum of the squares of the displacement vector (Design value - Computed value) is the smallest is established as the optimal position.

By using this solution, uniform and high-precision reference points are allocated throughout the facility.
*PAG-U: Universal Program for Adjustment of any Geodetic Network
It is also possible to draw up error elliptical figures as representation of the precision assessment of reference points. At the same time, in the event that there are former coordinate points, it would also be possible to draw up figures for the degree of displacement for each reference point.

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