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Comprehensive GIS: Server Installation Type PasCAL Web

Comprehensive GIS:Server Installation Type - PasCAL Web

PasCAL Web is a type of intranet GIS for local governments that allows each division to access their own data and the shared spatial database.
This system has a myriad of functions that are easy to use regardless of the skill of the user, and boasts high operability and speed using internet technology.

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Set access authority for individual maps
Set access authority for individual maps

Advantages of PasCAL Web

PasCAL Web makes best use of information resources because it allows all government divisions to share the spatial information that each division (town planning, fixed assets, water and sewerage, roads, etc.) has collated.
This system comes with many practical functions (e.g. View/Print Map, Measure, Search Space, Search Attribute, Edit Map, Edit Attribute, Search Address, Search Parcel Number, File), and is ready to use. It can be customized to suit individual needs thus reducing costs for additions.
PasCAL Web runs ActiveDirectory, and allows fine-tuning of access authority settings (by user, department, group, etc.), making for a secure user environment

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