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Waterworks Support System: Comprehensive GIS PasCAL Waterworks

Waterworks Support System: Comprehensive GIS PasCAL Waterworks

PasCAL Waterworks brought to you by PASCO allows you to manage a variety of waterworks related information integrated with map data. This waterworks records system is very easy to use, because the information is managed through a user-friendly map interface which acts as the index. It will help streamline administrative work such as asset management under the system of public accounting for new local autonomies, calculating performance indices, and renewals or expansions of operations.

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PasCAL Waterworks allows you to manage information regarding water utilities such as drainpipes, water supply pipes, valves, taps, and meters. As map and attribute data are linked, you can search and display maps from attributes and vice versa. You can print records, export reports, and aggregate or color-code management data. High spec update functions let you amend map and attribute data.

Basic Functions

pascal:Manage Records

Manage Records

Manage relevant information such as leakage and construction history, and information regarding water utilities such as drainpipes, water supply pipes, valves, taps, and meters. As map and attribute data are linked, you can search maps from attributes and vice versa.



Attribute data can be indicated in different colors on the map you are viewing (e.g. drain pipes by type, gauge, and year).
There are many other ways to view this information such as displaying it as a chart or ranked by grade.

pascal:Print Map

Print Map

There are two print functions. Data View Print prints the map as is, and Layout View Print allows the user to configure the layout. There is also a continuous print function that prints maps by map sheet.


Use the mouse to measure coordinates, areas, and distances.

Export Data

The export function allows you to export map and attribute data in various formats. Map data can be exported in open format (Shape and DXF), image format (bitmap and JPEG), and PDF format. Attribute data can be exported in CSV format which is used by spreadsheet software.



After finding graphic or attribute data, you can aggregate the data by a desired category.



This function allows you to amend attribute data as well as graphic data such as water utilities or topography data. Update relevant information just by editing with the mouse. There are also many other convenient features that help with data input such as Vertically/Horizontally Input Correction for a selected graphic, Change Synchronization of network graphics, Undo/Redo, and Amend Input Error.

Waterworks Functions

pascal:Pipe Network Analysis

Pipe Network Analysis

Hydraulic and water quality analyses help you understand the state of the water system. You can see the current situation as well as simulate preset conditions. The results of the analyses are displayed graphically on map format.

  • Creates analysis model automatically
  • Supports Hazen-Williams and Weston formulas
  • Comes with a high-speed pipe network calculation engine
  • Supports large pipe networks with unlimited nodes
  • Supports the following distribution installations: pipelines, valves, taps, pumps, reducing valves, check valves, and fountainheads
  • Incorporates time factor allowing timeline analyses

Design Assistance

You can cut and paste a selected part of your map data, and export it in DXF format which is supported by CAD. You can also view CAD drawings laid over map data.
However, some files may not open properly due to compatibility issues.

Standard Report Format

You can export pipeline summary tables or valve and tap summary tables in standard report format, and select which item you wish to use for aggregation.

Meter Reppascal:lacement Management

Meter Replacement Management

This function is aimed at supporting you in managing meters nearing their expiry date according to the Measurement Act (eight years). It filters out all applicable meters and lets you do things such as display them on a map, print them out, export them as a file, or update them.


Turn your paper-based files such as completion drawings, water valve inventories, and water supply inventories into image data. The data can be managed linked to map data. You can manage files from applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and Acrobat, as well as register files to the system by scanning or photographing them with a digital camera.

Combine with Fee Scale (Optional)

You can automatically upload user and water usage information managed by Fee Scale as meter attributes. Upload Fee Master periodically to ensure you have the latest user information.

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