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Wastewater Support System: Comprehensive GIS PasCAL Wastewater

Wastewater Support System:Comprehensive GIS PasCAL Wastewater

PasCAL Wastewater brought to you by PASCO is a new generation wastewater records management system that allows you to manage a variety of wastewater related information integrated with map data.
This system is very easy to use, because the information is managed through a user-friendly map interface which acts as the index. It will help streamline administrative work such as asset management under the system of public accounting for new local autonomies, calculating performance indices, and renewals or expansions of operations.

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Advantages of PasCAL Wastewater

PasCAL Wastewater improves the efficiency of work related to wastewater pipeline infrastructure maintenance such as updating data and statistics, exporting and printing reports and drawings, and the dissemination of information, as well as assisting you in infrastructure maintenance and customer service. The update function is easy to use, and it lets you structure network data which is essential to pipeline infrastructure maintenance. Pipeline data that you create can be shared immediately with other divisions such as the waterworks division and through Comprehensive GIS.
* Uses ESRI ArcGIS as base GIS
* Accommodates user needs with various map functions such as display, export/print, and update
* The same user-friendly interface as the waterworks support system
At PASCO, we also analyze and review reconstruction work based on facility information contained in digitized wastewater inventories.
We promote the revision of counter-flooding measures in light of the torrential rains that surpass current industrial standards, as well as assist in preparing for earthquake disaster prevention by proposing counter-earthquake measures for the existing system and possible responses.

pascal:Facility Management pascal:Facility Management

Facility Management

PasCAL Wastewater is aimed at supporting you in the data management of wastewater utilities such as inlets, fixing pipes, manholes, pipelines, and drains. As map and attribute data are linked, you can search and display maps from attributes and vice versa. You can print records, export reports, and aggregate or color-code management data. High spec update functions let you amend map and attribute data.

  • Create side elevations
  • Track up/down stream
  • Manage water washing and drainage system
  • Manage beneficiary liability levy areas
  • Manage maintenance
  • Manage cleaning survey
  • File (completion drawings, drainage water applications, intratubular surveys, site photographs, etc.)
  • Touch panel reference terminal
pascal:Work Planning Support

Work Planning Support

You can calculate the costs of maintenance (or rework) for a particular year just by specifying a location on the inventory map. Cost of specific parameters such as construction method, pipe type, and renovations can be set separately for each year.
Also, it will help you to do simple reexaminations of performance or reevaluate the flow with factors such as load input and pipe replacement.
Moreover, we are putting together an assets inventory system that is a tabulation of the acquisition prices obtained from the completion data of wastewater facilities that we have amassed over a long period time.

Survey and Analysis Support

To help you create the best plan for your facility, we provide a flood damage prevention plan that incorporates a facility simulation based on unsteady flow analysis and a flooding simulation based on digital topographic data. In addition, a variety of other information such as topographic and geological information of land use is available on GIS, allowing you to make comprehensive and accurate decisions on earthquake-proofing your facilities. We also provide proposals on countering unaccounted-for water problems through geographical analysis with GIS using factors such as the distribution of rainfall, geology, topography, and condition of the facility.

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