Utilizing Geospatial Information

Basic Map Reference System: PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine

Basic Map Reference System:PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine

PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine are standalone package applications that make the most of the map (spatial) data that each division within a local government has, by allowing all the other divisions to access that information.
Select from PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine according to your needs.

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Advantages of PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine

PasCAL Basic and PasCAL Engine PasCAL Basic are compatible with a diversity of formats including world standard data formats OGS and WMS, image files, and shape files.
These applications also function as data servers, and efficiently manage the data so that local governments can get the most out of the map (spatial) data that each of their divisions maintains separately.

Map Search Window Map Search Window

PasCAL Basic

This system has a myriad of functions that let you do everything from browsing to doing analyses.
A user-friendly window layout that allows you to do things like make the menu button bigger ensures that anyone can use this system with ease.
The layout of the menus and buttons can be customized to the user liking, and even the configuration of the system can be enhanced in steps. For example, in the beginning, you might just be using basic functions such as Measure or Search Landmark/Town, but later, when you want to use more powerful analytical functions, they can be easily added.
You can find many ways to use this application to fulfill your needs with its abundance of functions and ease of use.

Search Landmark Window Search Landmark Window

PasCAL Engine

This system is designed mainly for browsing with many search and display functions.
In addition to the basic browse function, there is a Map Report function that allows you to easily input attribute and diagram information, making it simple to manage and store pieces of information such as complaints or construction work details by associating them with the relevant map data. You can also export and print in form format, and register attachments and site photographs.
The settings can be configured in many different ways making this system easily customized to suit your needs.

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