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Public Accounting and Public Property Management Support System: Comprehensive GIS PasCAL Public Accounting

Public Accounting and Public Property Management Support System: Comprehensive GIS  PasCAL Public Accounting

PasCAL Public Accounting is a public property (land/buildings) management support system that promotes the effective use of unused assets. This system unifies management of records (e.g. public accounting management inventories, land management files) and map data (e.g. street plans, area estimation diagrams, survey maps), and through the technology of GIS, can be used as a map-record database.

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This system streamlines everything from registering property inventories to exporting/printing records (e.g. land/building increase and decrease breakdown) and filing information from public accounting books. There are menus for registering and updating inventories, related documents, and location data, allowing you to keep your public property records up-to-date with a few simple commands. There are functions for searching and aggregating from inventories and location data (e.g. from a specified area), and printing those results, making your work more efficient, and assisting you to keep tabs on unused assets.


pascal:Register and Update Land/Building Function

Register and Update Land/Building Function

This function lets you create a public accounting inventory by registering public property (land/building) data with location data. You can also make updates for such things as annulments, amendments, and sales, and manage those updates in your update history.

Register and Update Documents Function

This function lets you register and update documents related to registered public property in a filing format. You can also register files created by software installed on your computer (e.g. Word, Excel) as well as image data.

pascal:Search Function

Search Function

You can search public property (land/building) data using text from an inventory (e.g. address, building name) or by specifying an area on a map.
You can aggregate and print the result if it includes numerical data (total, number of items, mean value, maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation).

pascal:Export/Print Record Function

Export/Print Record Function

You can export or print in CSV format asset records you need periodically (e.g. land inventory, building inventory, registered notice of land transfer, registered notice of building transfer, land increase and decrease breakdown, building increase and decrease breakdown) as well as the records you need yearly (e.g. land value on hand list, building actual value list, land increase and decrease breakdown in fiscal year, building increase and decrease breakdown in fiscal year, property list).

System Management Function

This function allows you to manage user authority and system data codes.
User access management lets you add users and set their authority status.
Data code management lets you add and change data codes used on the system.

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