Utilizing Geospatial Information

LogiSTAR Venue Analysis

LogiSTAR Venue Analysis

LogiSTAR Venue Analysis helps you plan your business strategy by giving you an objective insight into your venues efficiency and ability to provide services based on its position relative to customers.

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Identifying by criteria

  • Identify venues and areas not meeting a certain standard of service, such as the maximum time required for a delivery, by comparing the relative locations of venues and customers

Increased cost efficiency

  • Revise venue location or simulate merging and abolishment strategies based on customer interaction level (sales and output)
  • Plan new delivery networks when venue locations change or to improve efficiency/costs

Increased level of service

  • Increase the level of service to your customers, such as shorter lead and response times, by revising your service area

Support for acquisition of 3PL

  • Examine ways to promote effective use of third party logistics based on optimum venue analysis
  • Create objective explanation/proposal material for finding cargo merchants easily using street map data
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