Utilizing Geospatial Information

LogiSTAR Route Planner

LogiSTAR Route Planner

LogiSTAR Route Planner plans the best routes using the least number of vehicles necessary according to destination and output. This system reduces the workload and costs involved in delivery.

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LogiSTAR Route Planner Features

Standardized and reduced workload

  • Change and rearrange routes easily on a Gantt chart or map interface like an experienced Pro
  • Reduce staff workload, and build a standardized delivery platform
  • The system uses an intranet environment that can be shared by vehicles from different venues

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

  • Attain appropriate operating costs with Route Planners vehicle allocations based on shortest delivery time, route, and least number of vehicles required
  • Use in conjunction with LogiSTAR Movement Manager to crosscheck planned and actual routes so as to evaluate actual delivery costs

Increased customer satisfaction

  • Increase customer confidence by making on-time deliveries with the help of VICS statistics data (traffic congestion record)
  • Auto Allocation reduces vehicle allocation time, giving you more time before dispatch

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Use the quickest routes with the least number of vehicles, and you can reduce mileage, petrol usage, and air pollutants (Co2, PM, Nox)
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