Utilizing Geospatial Information

LogisPICK Warehouse Layout Simulator

LogisPICKs! Warehouse Layout Simulator

LogisPICK's! is an amalgamation of Nittsu Research Institute warehouse management technology and PASCO pathfinding technology that let you improve the layout and operations of your warehouse.

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LogisPICK's! Features

  • Uses numerical analysis to give you an accurate quantitative evaluation no more stress, and no genius or experience required
  • Easy to use create new layouts quickly, and review the benefits of each
  • The simulation feature only takes a few moments to give you a visual of the days workload, helping you improve operations, management, and PDCA cycles
LogisPICK's! Comes in Handy at Times Like These

Layout of a new venue

  • When considering various shelf layouts
  • When considering operations methodology and content

Promotion of improvements and visual representation

  • When you want to quantify your operations and promote PDCA
  • When you want a visual representation of your operations and to make good use of improvement ideas
  • When you want to evaluate your improvement plans based on quantitative data

Enhanced location management

  • When you want to designate shelf numbers effectively
  • When you want to evaluate product placement

Upgraded picking operations

  • When you want to calculate the real shortest route without relying on location numbers

LogisPICK's! Operating Environment

OS WindowsXP Professional SP3, Windows 7 Professional*, Windows Vista Business*
CPU Intel Core2 Duo 2GHz or higher (required)
Memory 3GB or more
Disk Space 2GB or more
Resolution 1280x768 TrueColor or higher
Software .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

* With x64 OS, the application runs in x32 compatibility mode

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