Utilizing Geospatial Information

LogiSTAR Movement Manager

LogiSTAR Movement Manager

LogiSTAR Movement Manager keeps track of your vehicles and personnel, so that you can give apt instructions to your staff, and respond swiftly to customer requests. It also gives you a grasp of how your business is running.

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LogiSTAR Movement Manager Features

Increased management efficiency

  • Search and locate the field operator (driver, sales, or staff) who is the closest to the customer, and give him instructions all using the GPS mobile network
  • Keep track of scheduled delivery times so that you can promptly and aptly deal with customer needs

Operating reports made easy

  • Fill out timesheets using the GPS mobile network, saving the hassle of doing it at the end of the day
  • Timesheets can be created automatically using the status information transmitted in regard to each scheduled destination

Increased customer and staff satisfaction

  • Real-time VICS data gives you the route and time from the field operators (driver, sales, or staff) current location to the customers, allowing you to deal swiftly with inquiries and delivery delays.
  • Status management using GPS technology lets you keep track of whats going on, allowing you to provide accurate updates to other departments, which in turn gives them peace of mind

Safer driving

  • Real-time VICS data allows the driver to see where the traffic accidents and blocked roads are, and search for bypasses, as well as giving him alternative route ideas.
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