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Cultural Assets Support System

Cultural Assets Support System

Managing cultural assets using the conventional method is reaching its limits. By digitizing the information and configuring a Cultural Assets Information System, local governments can provide their residents with a high level of service as well as increased efficiency of administration.

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Buried Cultural Assets System

■Site Survey Support System: Padras-T3Di

Site Survey Support System: Padras-T3Di

When used in conjunction with a Total Station, this 3D measurement system helps you create drawings necessary for excavation projects. Not only can you create drawings of horizontal artifact distribution, but you can also create drawings of vertical artifact distribution in just a few simple steps. Moreover, it accepts input in schematic format, and allows you to create maps such as of the site or area under survey in high fidelity.
You can amend and edit the data on a CAD system, and have it ready to use in a variety of fields.

■Artifact Survey Support System: Padras-M3Di

Artifact Survey Support System: Padras-M3Di

This is a 3D contact measurement system for measuring artifacts using magnetic field technology. Using the magnetized stylus, details such as the contours, cross-section, and designs of the object can be measured and mapped.
The data then can be amended or edited in real time on a CAD system. Using this tool will allow you to make quick work of artifact surveys.

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