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Public Chart Browser System :Fixed Assets Support for Local Government

Public Chart Browser System :Fixed Assets Support for Local Government

PASCO Public Chart Browser System allows you to manage thousands of public charts from one place. With easy search and print functions, your work will be more efficient, and the service to the public better.

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Reduced Work and Waiting Time

Just by putting a computer terminal at the teller window, the public can search and browse thousands of public charts in one place, making things simpler and swifter.
Accordingly, the time your staff has to man the window, as well as the time the public has to line up waiting, are greatly reduced. There is no more need to make a store room for all this information, and no more worry about wear and tear.

Data as Desired

  1. Public chart number list (index)
    • Creates public chart number lists (index)
    • Search and display the map you want by parcel number
  2. Parcel numbers stored as data
    • The parcel numbers on public charts are stored as data
    • Search using a parcel number, and the relevant chart is displayed centered around that parcel number
    • Attribute data such as tax roll information can also be displayed
  3. Digitalization
    • Digitalizes analog public charts
    • Saves space
    • Once digitalized, there is no more need to worry about deterioration, breakage, or loss

Combine with PasCAL Fixed Assets

Use in combination with PasCAL Fixed Assets, and you just click on the map display to browse the relevant public chart.

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