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Initial Response Support

Initial Response Suppor

During a large-scale disaster, companies and organizations set up their own Countermeasure Headquarters to gather information, determine countermeasures, and give instructions.
PASCO provides the Countermeasure Headquarters service to support initial response and recovery. This service comprises three parts: "initial response support", "support for recovery", and "safe home return."
The Countermeasure Headquarters service provides complete support in the event of a disaster: covering from initial support (e.g., collection and aggregation of vital information and data, as well as transmission of measures and instructions) to business support for disaster recovery and ensuring the safe home return of your employees.

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Process of the Countermeasure Headquarters' "Initial Response Support"

Initial Response Support

The most important task in initial response during a disaster is the collection of information. In order to put together a system to facilitate swift judgment, it is vital to quickly aggregate the information collected and visually assess the situation.
During a disaster, PASCO's Countermeasure Headquarters' initial response support will assist the decision-making of your Countermeasure Headquarters by sending group emails to all employees at once to contact them and provide instructions, while confirming their safety, gauging your company's damage level, and obtaining the latest updates on the disaster.
Using maps and tables, the service can help you visually grasp the personal/physical damages in disaster-stricken zones to establish a system of quick initial response.

Sample diagram showing staff safety information

Main features

  1. Receiving alerts on earthquakes and meteorological disasters and automatically extracts information on facilities and employees that happen to be in the stricken areas (auto trigger)
  2. Automatic group email to employees (over 10,000 receivers per minute)
    *The location information feature for broadcast e-mail response has been confirmed to function with over 96% of currently-used mobile phones
  3. Collection of staff safety information and facility damage status, which are then reflected on the map
  4. For headquarters: PC version allows additional instructional emails to be sent and mobile version lets you read information on the go
  5. Division managers can check the status of their staff and the job location via mobile phone
  6. Other features include various emergency responses such as allowing contact between the headquarters and employees during new influenza breakouts, incidents or accidents.

Support for recovery

Sample Countermeasure Headquarters’ "Support for Recovery" map

PASCO's Countermeasure Headquarters helps you to perform total estimations about the extent of disaster on your company by creating the recovery maps with supplied information on the disaster, the level of damages of your company, as well as staff, customers and facilities.
The system is aimed at supporting you with decision-making and various business tasks necessary for recovery.


  • View the levels of damage at your own and customers' facilities (offices, factories, stores, distribution centers, warehouses).
  • Identify damaged facility areas (infrastructure networks, buildings, base stations)
  • Identify priority facility areas (communication facilities, fuels, food supply, heavy machinery, building materials, etc.).

*Maps may be printed on large paper (such as A0 size).
*Various public map data may be inserted.

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