Utilizing Geospatial Information

Shoken Taisho

Shoken Taisho

Shoken Taisho is a service to support area marketing that allows even first-time users to easily analyze its data.

There are over 1,200 businesses that utilize PASCO's area marketing systems. With our online service, shop managers and owners can take advantage of our knowhow and look up data from the national census or find out the family income and expenditure statistics, making area marketing an easy job.

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PASCO Offers two types of Area Marketing Systems to Accommodate Different Usages and Purposes.

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  • For first-time users of area marketing systems
  • For people looking for statistics data for a low budget
  • For shop managers, floor section managers, FC owners
  • For people considering using family income and expenditure statistics for product lineup
  • For people who wish to increase sales of their existing store
  • For people who think trade area analysis is difficult and costly


  • For companies with multiple stores
  • For FC headquarters representatives
  • For people who have been conducting trade area analyses over the years
  • For companies looking to visually grasp customer distribution
  • For marketing managers of manufacturing companies
  • For companies wishing to utilize trade area analysis as a tool for retail support
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