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PasCAL for LGWAN is a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows various departments and sections within a governmental organization to securely access its shared database and individual databases using ASP service over the Local Government Wide Area Network (LGWAN).

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Advantages of PasCAL for LGWAN

This system is easy to use even for people unfamiliar with computers. It is highly user friendly, fast, and comes with many functions that can fully facilitate tasks required by a local government.
Because the service is available over the Local Government Wide Area Network (LGWAN), we can provide a more secure and comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) service at a lower cost.
The service is available on an annual access fee contract, which means you can choose to use the service whenever necessary. It is also available on access-based contract, which means you can contract the service depending on the number of accounts necessary.
Because this is an ASP service, there is no need to install any server on the user side. This eliminates the complicated tasks such as considering and implementing server sizing, or updating the OS and related software on the server side that the system administrator must handle.

What is PasCAL

PasCAL is a task operation and management support system package developed by PASCO based on our knowhow in building a GIS service for local public organizations over the years.
Since the service was launched in 2000, the comprehensive GIS PasCAL has been adopted by over 500 organizations in Japan, allowing several departments within one organization to share map data and achieve efficient operation of e-governments.

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