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Safe Home Return Map Service

Safe Home Return Map Service

During a large-scale disaster, companies and organizations set up their own Countermeasure Headquarters to gather information, determine countermeasures, and give instructions.
PASCO provides the Countermeasure Headquarters service to support initial response and recovery. This service comprises three parts: "initial response support", "support for recovery", and "safe home return."
The Countermeasure Headquarters service provides complete support in the event of a disaster: covering from initial support (e.g., collection and aggregation of vital information and data, as well as transmission of measures and instructions) to business support for disaster recovery and ensuring the safe home return of your employees.

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Safe Home Return Map Service

Safe Home Return

In case a large-scale earthquake occurs and public transportation system has stopped, it is predicted that over 10 million people in the greater metropolitan area as well as the Chubu and the Kinki region in Japan may have trouble getting home. It is, therefore, vital that sufficient preparations (such as conducting simulations for returning home during a disaster) are made on a daily basis in case of an earthquake.
PASCO's Safe Home Return Map Service is a service that allows you to create walkable routes home online after a large earthquake has occurred and download the result as PDF.

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Features of the Safe Return Home Map Service

  1. Enter any origin and destination to search for walkable routes to return home anywhere in Japan.*
  2. It can be used as a disaster prevention training tool for employees where each employee can create their own original home-returning map
  3. It is equipped with a disaster prevention administrator's management function that that can be used for predicting the required reserve for employees. The system allows the disaster prevention administrator to identify employees by road distance between the company and their homes, making it easy to see the predicted number of employees who may have difficulty getting home and the number of employees who can get to the company to work.
  4. Maps indicating facilities supporting safe home returning of people during a disaster can be downloaded as PDF. These maps are more than just maps. By combining the PDFs into a booklet and carrying it with you at all times, it will allow you to take the necessary measures during a disaster.

*It is also possible to search for home-returning routes by selecting the option for showing disaster danger levels within the 23 wards of Tokyo (In other areas the shortest walkable route can be searched.)
*Up to two mid points can be entered and routes through such points can be searched in order of preference.

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