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Disaster Prevention e-Learning

Disaster Prevention e-Learning

Once the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is devised it doesn't end there. It is also important to make the plan known to all employees, so that they may take adequate actions during an emergency.
PASCO's "Disaster Prevention e-Learning" service can help increase risk management awareness in all employees through education and training, as well as support evaluation of the effectiveness of the devised BCP.

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Education environment in ASP format

Education environment in ASP format

The e-learning system environment allows every employee to easily receive training online at any time. It also comes with a function for the administrator to see the employee learning status in real time.

Creation of unique questions per customer

We provide questions on basic knowledge concerning disaster prevention.
In addition to these questions, you will be able to freely add your own unique questions according to your BCP, disaster prevention manual or any other related plans.
You can choose to have the questions answered in various formats, such as fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, or writing.

Quantifying the employees' level of understanding (training results report)

PASCO aggregates the training results into a training report.
The e-learning system also allows you to quantify the level of disaster prevention awareness and understanding of the plan by the employees, so that you can devise adequate education/training programs, re-examine your BCP, among other things.

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