Utilizing Geospatial Information

Vessel Monitoring Service (Satellite AIS)

There are countless ships and boats sailing every day and night. Using a satellite orbiting the earth to collect AIS data transmitted from both sailing and docked ships/boats worldwide, PASCO provides information on these vessels to respond to various customer needs, such as vessel position and tracking data.

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Vessel Monitoring Service: exactAIS

exactAIS is a Vessel Monitoring Service provided by exactEarth, a Canadian company that uses satellites to receive, transmit, and process AIS messages from AIS transponders installed on ships and boats. The service uses a polar orbit satellite and the latest AIS signal processing technology to obtain high vessel detection and update frequency. PASCO has entered into agreement with exactEarth to act as its distributor and provide vessel monitoring service to the Japanese users.

AIS automatic vessel identification device

The installation of AIS (Automatic Identification System) is compulsory on international vessels with a total weight of 300 tons or more, non-international vessels with a total weight of 500 tons or more, and all passenger vessels travelling internationally. The system automatically transmits the vessel name, MMSI code, vessel type, location, course, speed and other data to nearby vessels and terrestrial stations using a VHF digital wireless device.
The tremendous amount of data transmitted from AIS installed on vessels around the world are used for various purposes, including the prevention of vessel collisions, obtaining basic information on passing vessels and their cargo, as well as supporting vessel operation control.

Features and example of use

Making it possible to obtain information on vessels worldwide

"exactAIS" Vessel Monitoring Service has made it possible to obtain information on vessels travelling over 74km offshore in all sea regions worldwide which were conventionally undetectable using terrestrial AIS.

Constant transmission of detected dense vessel data on the Web

Using unique technology for higher detection of vessels, the system displays vessel positions and data collected by the satellite on geographic and ocean maps, providing such information on the Web at all times. The latest AIS data from vessels in the waters near Japan are transmitted about every 5 to 6 hours on average. The service also makes it possible to create fortnight tracking of specified vessels and monthly AIS message reports on all vessels within a specified sea region.

Examples of use

  • Improvement of vessel navigation safety through identification of nearby vessels and collection of tracking data.
  • Obtaining the status of other vessels in dangerous sea regions to avoid pirate vessels.
  • Use collected tracking data to analyze the course of a vessel after an accident at sea.


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