Utilizing Geospatial Information

Data Packages for Area Marketing

The stand alone version of MarketPlanner GIS allows you to incorporate standard data types such as census data, but can also incorporate commercially available data packages.
PASCO offers a broad range of data packages, but also develops custom-tailored content as well.

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Examples of Data Packages

■Locality breakdown by annual income

This data allows you to target localities with specific income brackets (high, middle, etc.), and hence develop specific sales strategies based on the potential purchasing power of each area.

■LIC urban planning (GIS)

This data is a digitized version of the urban planning map drawn up by local government (depicting non-urbanization, specialized use, and fire-prevention zones, planned roads, etc.). It has potential use in real estate and land use evaluation.

Practical Applications of Probe Data

PASCO has an analysis report service and data packages for area marketing based on accumulated probe data (vehicle trip data).

■Caution zone projection based on probe data

The location and frequency of vehicular deceleration over a prescribed rate is compiled from the trip data to form this projection.
Caution zone projection based on probe data

■Trade area analysis report service based on probe data

This report service provides users with a trade area map that indicates where shoppers of a particular store live, tabulated in grid cell units based on the shoppers cars that are parked in the venues parking lot.
Trade area analysis report service based on probe data

Advantages of Commercially Available Data Packages

Each company within each industry uses different data. By incorporating data appropriate to your business, MarketPlanner gives you ready-to-use results.
For example, using a one kilometer grid cell for a trade area that is only several hundred meters across is not very helpful. To get reasonable results, the grid cell needs to be about 100 meters or less. In response to our customers needs, PASCO has developed 50-meter grid cell packages for very small areas.

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