Utilizing Geospatial Information

Ubiquitous consulting

Ubiquitous consulting

PASCO provides support for local governmental and corporate operations through its ubiquitous solution service that brings together ubiquitous technology and spatial information.

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PASCO has provided highly precise geospatial information to customers through our state-of-the-art surveying technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). To date, PASCO has continued to provide ubiquitous solutions to support the creation of better lives for people. This includes combining the spatial information technology that PASCO has an excellent track record in, with the most advanced ubiquitous technology, assisting in the management of public facilities and offering tourism information, etc.

Providing Support for Enhancing Efficiency in Facility Management Operations

PASCO provides services to facilitate greater efficiency in the management of urban infrastructure such as roads and parks, using ubiquitous technology. We offer support to enhance efficiency in operations, enabling the viewing of data and data updates through dedicated terminals onsite, thereby eliminating the need to walk around with a heavy ledger, as the practice has been to date.
(Service Examples)

  • Road facility management such as bridges and street lamps, etc.
  • Intelligent control points
  • Management of boundary piles
  • Inspection of equipment

Examples of Information Provision Service Using Ubiquitous Technology

Various local government offices and organizations provide new information services while taking advantage of the unique characteristics of their locality.
Here, we will feature some of the examples of the information provision services provided by PASCO through the use of ubiquitous technology.

■"Ubi Navi (Tsuwano-cho Ubiquitous Tourism Guide)" introduced by Tsuwano-cho, Shimane Prefecture

A framework is being established to attach radio wave markers and QR codes to the exterior of buildings near to the main tourism routes and within facilities such as museums in Tsuwano-cho, as well as provide tourism information that comes in a mixed format of photographs, videos, and audio guides, and information on the culture and history of Tsuwano-cho.

■"Yomitan Ubiquitous Guide" introduced by Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture

A framework is being established to attach radio wave markers to the main tourism routes, and to provide tourism information in four languagesJapanese, English, French, and Okinawan dialectthrough the use of dedicated portable terminals (ubiquitous communicators).

■"Umechika Navi" introduced at Osaka Umeda Underground Mall

A framework is being established to provide information on facilities in the underground mall, such as shops and toilets, as well as information on the shortest routes to the users destination, and transfer routes from transportation facilities. Users make use of the personal computers or mobile phones to access this information, which is provided in the target areas of the underground mall and areas above ground in the Umeda area in Osaka.

■"Kasukabe Ora Navi" introduced by Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture

This is a regional portal site made up of five categories of information: Town, Tourism, Parenting, Administration, and Disaster Prevention. Each section provides information on the respective facilities and access routes. A framework is being established to set up notice boards at places around the city with QR codes to allow users to access various regional information through their mobile phones.

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