Utilizing Geospatial Information

Water supply and sewerage management

Water supply and sewerage management

The sewerage services are one of the local government operations that support the foundation of residents' lives.
PASCO with its skills in surveying and construction consulting, provides support for work ranging from the design of sewerage systems, to maintenance and manage operations such as management of the sewerage management inventory and investigations and countermeasures pertaining to unaccounted for water.

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Unaccounted water places much pressure on the financial aspect of sewerage management. Under the investigations on unaccounted for water proposed by PASCO, we hypothesize on the occurrence of unaccounted water based on the results of flow observation, which is carried out using our unique analytical method. Furthermore, we provide effective countermeasures against unaccounted for water based on the geographical analysis of the causes of occurrence. These geographical analyses are conducted using GIS.

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