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Maintenance and operation services

Maintenance and operation services

We provide support for the comfortable operation of systems for all people engaged primarily in the work of maintenance and operation of numerous systems working in specialized divisions. This includes the support center for MarketPlanner, which is highly trusted by our customers.

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Various services

■Basic Information Management Services

We maintain and manage information pertaining to the operating environment of our customers, and provide basic system information when breakdowns or problems occur. In this way, we assist our customers in reducing the amount of time taken to recover from system failures.

■Helpdesk Services

In place of the parties responsible for systems and information systems on our customers' end, PASCO Support Center explains the procedures how to use the systems that have been introduced and responds to inquiries on how to use the systems, thereby providing support to accelerate day-to-day tasks.

■Services to Respond to System Failure

Computer systems can fail as a result of minute causes, and sometimes fall into situations whereby services become suspended for unknown reasons. While the prevention of such problems is one of the premises in service provision, in the event that such cases do occur, PASCO is committed to putting its best efforts into restoring systems as quickly as possible and reducing downtime for users.

■System Operation Services

PASCO acts on behalf of the customers to undertake cumbersome and complicated system operation and management work. We help to reduce the burden on staff responsible for systems management and information systems, in ways such as backing up the system, updating data, and analyzing log history.

■Periodic Preventive Maintenance Services

PASCO provides periodic system diagnostic services for the stable operation of services, in order to prevent system failures and accidents before they happen.

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