Utilizing Geospatial Information

Dam and port management

Dam and port management

Japan's national territory is surrounded by the sea, and it is one of the countries in the world that boasts rich sources of water. There are many water-related facilities, such as port operations, electricity-related facilities, and water treatment facilities; there are also a wide variety of maintenance and management operations that exist in order to provide support for these facilities. Amongst these dam and port management operations, PASCO provides operational support in areas that make use of acquisition and processing technologies for spatial information.

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Surveying Sedimentation on the Beds of Lakes and Seas


Underwater surveying is one of the technologies that come under acquisition and processing technologies for spatial information. PASCO owns an advanced narrow multibeam sonar (SeaBat 8125). It collects and processes 3D data of conditions on the beds of lakes and seas, and delivers the data to customers.

  • Analysis of aging or damaged conditions of port facilities such as breakwaters
  • Analysis of dredging conditions at ports and dam lakes, etc., and drawing up dredging engineering plans, etc.
  • Analysis of the submergence conditions of fish reef, and selection of suitable sites for installation/suitable sites for building seaweed beds
  • Analysis of installation status/selection of suitable sites for cables and pipelines on the seabed
  • Identifying the location of objects that have fallen into the water due to accidents or illegal dumping, etc.

Measuring the Degree of Variation for Dams

This refers to precision surveying technology that utilizes laser surveying methods. The technological capability of PASCO is also highly appraised in this field. This technology is used to measure the degree of variation for dams, and is utilized in the management of the dam body.

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