Utilizing Geospatial Information

Road and Bridge Design

Road and Bridge Design

The roads and bridges that support our everyday lives are forms (representatives) of social infrastructure that have been maintained and improved on over generations, and we could say that they are important assets that we leave behind for future generations. Through the technologies that we have built up in the various fields of surveying, research, design, and systems over long years of experience, PASCO is committed to assist in the development and maintenance of social infrastructure for the new era.

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PASCO's Initiatives


We undertake the planning and design of roads and bridges for the new era from the perspectives of environment, economic efficiency, and safety and security, and at the same time, are committed to the following initiatives with the aim of building paths that are well-loved by all.

■Environmental Initiatives

  • Rich natural design that gives consideration to conservation of the natural environment
  • Application of assessment technology for noise from roads
  • 3D landscape simulation aimed at landscape conservation

■Initiatives for Economic Efficiency

  • Efficient infrastructural design aimed at improving cost-effectiveness for logistics and the elimination of congestion
  • Selection of low-cost construction methods and line shapes that utilize 3D data of the terrain
  • Use of construction methods and materials that give consideration to the asset management of roads

■Safety and Security Initiatives

  • Ensuring safety from the perspective of the driver, through 3D driving simulation
  • Construction of roads that are resistant against disasters, such as by ensuring quake-resistance and securing escape routes
  • Barrier-free planning that gives consideration to the less abled
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