Collecting and analyzing Geospatial Information

MMS High Accuracy Information Center

The MMS High Accuracy Information Center conducts quality evaluation and operation management of data acquired through MMS, provides technological support and various forms of operational support for companies that have adopted MMS, as well as undertakes contracting for data processing work. In order to provide consistent, quality data that includes the companies that have adopted MMS, this specialized Center supports the building up of high-precision spatial information data based on the all the experience PASCO has accumulated this far.

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Objectives of the MMS High Accuracy Information Center

The MMS High Accuracy Information Center was established in August 2010 with the aims of processing and treating data acquired through Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS), and providing high-precision data to the market.
The Center carries out operations including processing and treating data to ensure accuracy in public surveying, as well as various forms of improvements aimed at improving the efficiency of advanced measuring methods onsite, investigations for re-measuring, and mapping.
With regard to companies that have adopted MMS, the Center also provides technological support and the contracting of data processing and mapping services for data acquired through MMS.

MMS-X 640 (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
MMS-X 640
(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

What is MMS?

Mobile Mapping System (MMS) is a laser measuring device mounted on the vehicle to survey the image sequence of roads and their surroundings and to measure 3D coordinate data. They comprise a digital camera and a 3D laser measuring device.
MMS can be utilized in various fields, including the area of road surveying, as it is able to read topography and land features accurately, acquire a high level of information, and capture photographs of the current conditions.

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