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Satellite Signal Receiving Facilities (Ground Stations)

Satellite signal receiving facilities (ground stations) are ground facilities designed to communicate with Earth Observation (EO) satellites.
These ground stations receive data from EO satellites, and also operate the satellites and process the data received.

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Covering all areas in Japan with a Two-Station System
Covering all areas in Japan with a Two-Station System

What are Satellite Signal Receiving Facilities (Ground Stations)?

In 2007, a satellite signal receiving facility (ground station) was established in Okinawa Prefecture, and the second ground station was opened in Hokkaido in 2011. A two-station system comprising the Okinawa Station and the Hokkaido Station was thus established, and efforts are underway to build up a ground stations network that can receive satellite data for the entire region of Japan.
With the establishment of the ground stations, the utilization of satellites intensified, with applications in many areas including disaster prevention and the environment. The ground stations thus contribute to the establishment of a prosperous, safe, and secure society.

Overview of Services Provided

PASCOs satellite signal receiving facilities (ground stations) provide the following services.

1) Collection of emergency disaster information
When a disaster strikes, data is acquired from artificial satellites and provided swiftly through communication between the two receiving stations in Hokkaido and Okinawa, with the earth observation satellites.

2) Provision of national land monitoring information
Even in peace time, other than during times of disaster, PASCO is constantly monitoring national land. Information is provided for numerous fields of application, including surveillance of changes in the earths environment.

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