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Hyperspectral Sensor Surveying (AISA)

AISA, manufactured by Finnish company Spectral Imaging Ltd. (SPECIM), is a hyperspectral sensor installed inside the aircraft.
A hyperspectral sensor is an imaging sensor that is able to observe fine measurement of the electromagnetic spectrum of target objects.

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Hyperspectral Sensor Surveying (AISA)


In addition to providing a hyperspectral image data measurement service that corresponds to wavelengths of 400 to 1,000 nm, PASCO is also the only private-sector enterprise in Japan that provides a hyperspectral image measurement service for wavelengths measuring 1,000 to 2,400 nm.
PASCO also has a scan mirror system that enables the use of AISA as a hyperspectral sensor set up on land. Not only is this measurement service targeted at wide areas in applications such as surveying the growth of rice, drawing up forest type classification maps, and studying coral reefs, it can also provide a finer and more detailed measuring service for applications such as surveys of heritage sites and cultural assets.

Characteristics of AISA (Hyperspectral Sensor)

  • PASCO is the only company in Japan that provides a measurement service corresponding to hyperspectral image data of wavelengths 1,000 to 2,400 nm. (As of April 30, 2008)
  • The hyperspectral sensor can take measurements not only as a sensor installed in aircraft, but also as a sensor set up on land.
Lens focal length 18.64 mm (Eagle) 22.84 mm (Hawk)
Spatial resolution 0.62 mrad (Eagle) 1.30 mrad (Hawk)
Observation wavelength range 400 to 1,000 nm (Eagle) 1,000 to 2,400 nm (Hawk)
Spectral resolution 2.9 nm (400 to 1,000 nm) 8.5 nm (1,000 to 2,400 nm)
Detection element Si CCD (400 to 1,000 nm) MCT (1,000 to 2,400 nm)
Observation angle
(Orthogonal direction)
36deg. (Eagle) 22deg. (Hawk)
Swath width 1,510 m (Eagle, spatial binning 1, terrain clearance 2,330 m)
443 m (Hawk, spatial binning 1, terrain clearance 1,142 m)
(both in the instance that GSD is 1.5 m)
No. of spectral bands 554 (Eagle) 253 (Hawk)
(Under normal acquisition circumstances, concurrently 190 channels)
Dynamic range 12 bit (400 to 1,000 nm) LVDS14 bit (1,000 to 2,400 nm)
Image Image

Application Examples for AISA (Hyperspectral Sensor)

  • Surveying the growth of rice (protein content in brown rice, etc.)
  • Forest type classification maps (species of trees, crown sparseness, etc.)
  • Surveying water quality (chlorophyll, turbidity, etc.)
  • Studying coral reefs (corals, seaweed beds, etc.)
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