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PASCO to offer scholarship to AIT student

Kazuo Yamamoto (left) with Dr. Tadashi Sasagawa.

       This was announced following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by Dr. Tadashi Sasagawa, Director, PASCO Corporation with AIT on 7 July 2014. The MoU also envisages joint research between PASCO and AIT, and offering internships to AIT students. Signing the MoU, Dr. Sasagawa stated that the MoU has a five-fold purpose including capacity building for PASCO, obtaining human resource expertise from AIT, networking in the ASEAN region, collaborating with local companies, and offering scholarships. Elaborating on their company, Dr. Sasagawa stated that the name PASCO originates from Pacific Aerosurvey Corporation, and it is the largest remote sensing and photogrammetry company in Japan. The company is focusing on formulating joint programs with academia, and their partnership with Tokyo University is a flagship program.

       Dr. Sasagawa was accompanied by Mr. Masanori Yoshida, Managing Director, PASCO Thailand Co., Ltd. Welcoming the delegation from PASCO, Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, Vice President for Resource Development, AIT, appreciated the gesture of offering scholarship to an AIT student. AIT was represented by Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi, Dr. Masahiko Nagai, Dr. Shinichi Nakamura, Prof. Haruo Sawada, Dr. TaravudhTipdecho, Dr. SarawutNinsawat, and Mr. SanitArunpold, all from Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (RS/GIS) field of study, School of Engineering and Technology (SET); and Ms. Sumana Shrestha of External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO).

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