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Signing Agreement of Intent with the Geo-Informatics and
Space Technology Development Agency. (Public Organization)

Mr.Takaya Ishizuka, Bangkok, 22 July 2011

       Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency. (Public Organization) or GISTDA. By Dr. Arnon Snidvongs GISTDA Executive Director. Acting Director of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency. Signed an Agreement of Intent signed with Pasco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Mr. Takaya Ishizuka, managing director. On Friday, July 22, 2554 at the Visualization and Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency 6. (Public Organization), Government Center Building B, in Commemoration of the signing ceremony with the intention to show Chet support and cooperation in international operations. Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency. (Public Organization): GISTDA. With Pasco (Thailand)Co., Ltd. as well as a partnership. And encourage joint ventures between the two agencies. The objective is to develop the capacity utilization data, satellite imagery and geospatial information. The development of space technology and geospatial infrastructure. It is the one that will lead to cooperation in the areas of budget and personnel. This is an important part to enhance competitiveness in the international arena in the world

       Of cooperation between GISTDA. With Pasco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. a business partner (Strategic Alliance) is to increase the potential to accommodate large projects such as pilot projects in mapping the new Bhutan. Bhutan, which has been coordinated cooperation from Thailand in early 2011.

       The GISTDA. Is an agency with experience in satellite data applications on various projects. The THEOS satellite, combined with the satellite's first resources of Thailand. The high resolution potential mapping in conjunction with the standard 1 per 25,000 GISTDA. Has been approved in the framework and guidelines for joint ventures with other entities. By the Cabinet. At the meeting on May 3, 2011, the GISTDA. Is the capital of the organization works with other entities. Without a scholarship offer to join the Cabinet in all the time. When combined with our expertise in exploration survey and mapping systems, digital photos. The expertise and experience. Our Pasco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture that will bring economic development and is effective in the long run. To ensure that countries in other regions such as Africa, Middle East and South America. Attention THEOS Satellite Image of Thailand.

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