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Contract Award DMCR Thailand, Mangrove Forest Boundary Mapping of 6 Southern Provinces.

DMCR, Bangkok, 29 Apr 2009

    PASCO(Thailand)Co.,Ltd., with its office in Bangkok, Thailand, has been awarded 20 million THB contract with the partner company called OGIS Consulting for Mangrove Forest Boundary Mapping by GPS survey in 6 southern part provinces, Thailand.

The work is being contracted by the Thailand Government of the Department Marine and Coastal Resource (DMCR). Survey work presently planned 8,200 Survey points and overlay 1/4,000 Ortho Photo by MOAC. This project will be done during the end of March 2010.

As the government has initiated the social poverty development project for the poor people in order to give them a land to earn a living and stop them to invade the government land. Therefore, DMCR want to adjust the forest land boundary (or re-assessment) and to give the coordinate position to the forest land to ensure the accuracy standard.

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